Robotic Limbs?

Edna said no capes, but she failed to mention wings and I want to fly. I want the kind of flight that will make my cheeks flood to the sides. I want blood rushing through my veins faster than lightning. Experiencing more G’s than John Paul Stapp and surviving. Adrenaline maneuvering me around the birds and the trees and the Trump Towers; no, the Fuck Trump Towers; no, the Burj Khalifa. Why not? I could go anywhere. Dubai; San Francisco; Lake Manicouagan (the eye of Quebec); Machu Picchu; Pompeii; home.

I want to smell the rain before it reaches my speckled grey driveway. I want to smell the rain with puffy cheeks and a wrinkled nose before it even leaves the clouds. I would fly through those clouds. I would fly to the craters in craters on the moon and make my own clouds. The expression “you look like ants down there,” will mean nothing to me. You will look like minuscule pixels. No distinctions between punk and holy, tall, green-eyed; I’ll make it irrelevant. Differences between colour and class and soul will be so vacant the Tories will hate me and I want it that way. 

Someone recently asked me what I would choose if I could have any robotic limb. Edna said no capes and she never mentioned wings… but do wings count as limbs when you’re not made with them? Even if they’re made for you? I want to fly but come to think of it, a robotic arm could repair my hyper-accelerating heart midair. It could perform neurosurgery if I fly too close to the sun and my brain swells… but that still requires flight. I suppose cyborg legs could lift me up, leap over homes, and kick through walls, but it isn’t the same. I want to fly. How could I settle for rooftops when I dream of the moon? 

In reality, though, I’d take anything. I would be so awe struck by the shininess of it all that I’d forget about my dreams. My mouth would taste like excitement, not fulfillment and I wouldn’t notice the difference until it was too late. So to answer their question… if I could choose any robotic limb I’d get a left arm. I’d be the best waver in town. Though that may not be flight, it is something and anything at this point is better than nothing. 


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